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Dying to Sell Real estate agent Kate Doyle knew divorce was messy especially when mixed with business, but she didn't expect it to be bloody. Kate agrees to sell the home of old friends who're locked in bitter wrangling and manages to keep the peace long enough to get signatures on contacts. She congratulates herself on what will be an easy sale in this upscale Colorado college town. However, Kate's celebration turns to horror when she walks into the lawyer-client's study to find him brutally murdered—stabbed in the throat.

"A crime of passion," say Kate's police detective brother-in-law. The prime suspect is Kate's close friend, the spurned wife, who begs Kate to help her.

Kate's meddling turns up some surprising suspects. The successful lawyer deceived numerous ex-lovers as well as his wife. He'd also played off one land developer against another, dangling a choice tract of land as bait. Businesses were ruined and fortunes lost. Had the loser taken revenge on the wily lawyer? Or had an ex-lover killed in jealous rage?

Kate's real estate license helps her dig into the clever lawyer's dealings as she sifts clues from cyber space to crawl space. Unfortunately, her snooping tempts the killer to exercise his own license—to kill.

* * *

The paperback edition of DYING TO SELL was released by Worldwide Mystery Book Club in January. Order through the online book club here.

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Five Star, October 2005
232 pages
ISBN: 1-5941-4310-2


Ackerman gazed into the downstairs study. I hoped he was imagining his home office.

"How's Amanda holding up?"

"Pretty well, considering," I said.

He shot me a penetrating look. "Considering she's Murder Suspect Number One?"

I stared back. "Henry, you know Amanda. She couldn't possibly kill Mark."

"Anyone's capable of murder, Kate. Given the right circumstances," he said in a low voice.

His words sent a chill up my spine and awoke all those fears snoozing peacefully at my feet. They snapped awake.

"Has your brother-in-law let anything slip?" he asked, checking a closet.

"I'm just as clueless as everyone else, Henry. Bill always keeps police business secret."

Ackerman headed down a side hallway. "Word has it Amanda's at the top of Bill's list."

"You shouldn't believe everything you hear," I shot back as I followed.

He paused, hand on the knob of what I assumed was another closet. Turning to me with a nasty grin, he said, "And you shouldn't be so trusting, Kate. It'll get you into trouble some day." With that, he opened the door. It was no closet. I spied stairs leading down into the dark. "Shall we?"

I stared at the open doorway for several seconds. "Shall we what?"

"Check out the basement, of course." His grin spread. "Have you been out in the sun, Kate? You look all flushed."

Every horrible image Jake Chekov planted in my brain earlier shimmered before my eyes now. Me, in the basement of a deserted house at the far end of a deserted subdivision, alone with a killer.

© Maggie Sefton


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